Quanto Basta (QB) Italian Eatery and Wine Bar

"We had the benefit of working with Davie Construction Co. on the Spring House Restaurant, Kitchen and Bar in Winston-Salem. This very complicated renovation of an historic home involved updating throughout to comply with modern codes while preserving as much of the original craftsmanship as possible. The spectacular results ensured that we wouldn’t consider partnering with anyone else on our next project!"

“We included Davie Construction Co. from the very beginning on the QB renovation. We had wonderful plans for a three-story building with a deli, restaurant and roof top bar. Unfortunately, testing of the sandy soil beneath abruptly ended this ambitious concept. We had to literally start over quite late in the planning process. Thankfully, Carl’s extensive skill of value engineering helped us to regroup, turn on a dime, and quickly move ahead. Every step of the way, the Davie Construction Co. team was as committed to our vision for this unique Italian restaurant as we were.This new direction resulted in many more change orders than had occurred with the Spring House project. But when these happened, we had the confidence that they were handled with integrity and professionalism every time. Even after such a difficult project where many key decisions were made on the fly – due to the massive plan changes, because I was now busy running the Spring House – we are all still dear friends. That’s probably the most compelling indicator of how well Davie Construction Co. managed the saga of building Quanto Basta. That, and the fact that we’re enjoying terrific reviews on our ambience as well as our food!”

Lynette Matthews-Murphy, Owner

680 W. 4th Street
Winston-Salem, NC 27101