General Construction

General Construction Services

Every new construction project begins with someone’s vision. Making it happen depends on choosing a firm that can finish your project on time, work with your budget and deliver exemplary services. For 28 years, Davie Construction Co. has built a reputation for reliability and competitive pricing. We have extensive and proven experience in the construction of a wide range of projects in which we have submitted the successful bid based upon our client’s plans.

Design Build

Through close partnership with a network of architects and strong relationships with mechanical, electrical and plumbing subcontractors, Davie Construction Co. can also deliver a complete construction package. Owners benefit from the convenience of dealing with one dedicated point of contact throughout each phase of the project, with immediate accountability and problem-solving access. As with all our construction projects, any changes are managed through value engineering and open communication.

Construction Manager at Risk

The CM @ Risk delivery method allows the owner to gather a team to attack a project in a collaborative design/build format. It is at the owner’s option to hire the architects and engineers directly to design the project in conjunction with the contractor or allow the contractor to take on that role. The owner and contractor establish a pre-construction fee, monthly general conditions necessary to execute the work and a % fee to build the project. During the preconstruction process the GC helps the project development team: review value engineering options, provide a constructability review, identify schedule constraints and other value-added tasks. Once the owner agrees to move forward, the contractor puts the project on a password protected website for bid. On bid day the contractor collects those bids, in the presence of the project team and together they arrive at an overall project cost. If the owner is unable to meet his/her objectives, the pre-construction fee is paid and the project stops. If the project makes sense for the owner to proceed a contract is executed and work begins.

Upfit & Renovations

Many of our projects involve updating existing buildings to accommodate new codes or requirements or new uses for the structure. In cases of historical renovations there is a commitment to preserving as much of the original craftsmanship and character as possible. We are sensitive to the unique challenges of working with older buildings and maintaining aesthetics while finding innovative ways of incorporating the latest technology for optimal results.

Sustainable Construction

Building sustainable or green construction focuses on the design and operation of a building project in a way that reduces the overall impact on human health and the natural environment. At Davie Construction Co., we embrace these concepts and now offer our customers an array of green construction solutions to meet their specific needs.  We have LEED accredited project managers on staff and are members of the US Green Building Council.

Specialty Areas

Our portfolio of completed projects spans 28 years of construction projects, with specialization in several areas. With each year and every project, we build upon our expertise. We stay current with the technology, best practices, and regulations within our areas of specialty. Our client feedback reflects their satisfaction, and we are pleased to provide references upon request.

Our areas of specialty include (click on each heading to view our portfolio of completed projects):

Medical, Dental, and Veterinary
Visit our Medical, Dental, and Veterinary Services Webpage for more information:

Senior Living Facilities
Our very first building project was a licensed skilled nursing facility and, since then, we have always been involved in a senior living project. We have a deep understanding of the quality of life needs of the residents of each designation, including certification requirements and health codes for:

  • Medical/Rehabilitation
  • Skilled Nursing
  • Assisted Living
  • Independent Living
  • Senior Housing

Financial Institutions
We have built dozens and dozens of new Financial Institutions over the years. Banks and Credit Unions are well represented in our portfolio. While working on a renovation, equipment upgrade, facility maintenance, or repair, we appreciate the special considerations of working in a fully operational financial institution. We focus on maintaining the comfort and safety of the staff/customers and creating as little disruption as possible. Davie Construction Co. is at work in a financial institution somewhere in the Southeast 365 days a year.

We have extensive experience building new facilities for several Fortune 500 Companies. We also provide facility maintenance services for manufacturing plants, warehouses, business parks, and office complexes of all sizes. We work closely with our clients to minimize any disruptions that may affect their production schedules. Projects range from several hundred thousand square foot new facilities to relatively small office remodels.

Our portfolio of retail projects includes shopping centers built for developers attracting tenants from among the largest national chains and properties with a combination of local, regional, and national stores. We understand the tight schedules that are inherent in retail construction and the fact that leases must start on the dates they were promised to the tenants.

We have completed many apartment buildings across the Southeast. Several of these involve historical rehabilitation of buildings that were previously schools or factories. The historic tax credit funded projects allow us to preserve our past, while creating inviting homes for a new generation. We have worked with the Virginian Housing Development Authority and the NC Housing Finance Agency on multiple successful projects.

College and university projects present a unique challenge as many of them are scheduled for completion during summer break. We have an impressive track record for exceeding expectations in this area, whether building new facilities or performing renovations before students return in the fall. We have also done multiple new builds, additions and renovations on several fully functional public and private Colleges and Universities in the state of NC.

Our restaurant experience ranges from national chains to upscale restaurants, representing all types of cuisine and customers. Projects for large regional and national companies always involve extremely tight schedules, with non-negotiable opening days. They also require very specific engineering considerations based upon individual corporate criteria for time management and process efficiency so employees can meet strict guidelines for food delivery.

We have had the honor of being selected for many church projects, most of which have entailed additions to existing buildings. A church complex is an active place, and even with an understanding of the congregation’s regular schedule, we can’t anticipate when our construction plans must immediately change to accommodate unexpected events like funerals. We work around the schedules of those using the church facilities and don’t impede any activities.

Activity (Sports & Fitness)
Our portfolio in this specialty area includes recreation centers, community athletic complexes, swimming pools, and even dog parks. Whether coordinating with a university, city, state, or regional planning team, we bring a level of expertise that results in facilities that improve the quality of life for the community.