General Construction

General Construction Services

Every new construction project begins with someone’s vision. Making it happen depends on choosing a firm that can finish your project on time, work with your budget and deliver exemplary services. For over 25 years, Davie Construction Co. has built a reputation for reliability and competitive pricing. We have extensive and proven experience in the construction of a wide range of projects in which we have submitted the successful bid based upon our client’s plans.

Design Build

Through close partnership with a network of architects and strong relationships with mechanical, electrical and plumbing subcontractors, Davie Construction Co. can also deliver a complete construction package. Owners benefit from the convenience of dealing with one dedicated point of contact throughout each phase of the project, with immediate accountability and problem-solving access. As with all our construction projects, any changes are managed through value engineering and open communication.

Upfit & Renovations

Many of our projects involve updating existing buildings to accommodate new codes or requirements or new uses for the structure. In cases of historical renovations there is a commitment to preserving as much of the original craftsmanship and character as possible. We are sensitive to the unique challenges of working with older buildings and maintaining aesthetics while finding innovative ways of incorporating the latest technology for optimal results.

Sustainable Construction

Building sustainable or green construction focuses on the design and operation of a building project in a way that reduces the overall impact on human health and the natural environment. At Davie Construction Co., we embrace these concepts and now offer our customers an array of green construction solutions to meet their specific needs.  We have LEED accredited project managers on staff and are members of the US Green Building Council.