Davie Construction Co. maintains a network of key suppliers and subcontractors who provide high quality materials and workmanship that meet the high standards of service Davie Construction Co. provides its clients. If your company is committed to performance at this level, we invite you to submit your information using our on-line form.

How to become a valuable member of the Davie Construction Co. Subcontractor and Supplier team

  1. Enter your company information into our database by completing the on-line form, or submit the same information in writing.
  2. Follow up with someone you know at Davie Construction Co.
  3. When you are invited to quote, always let us know if you will or will not give us a proposal.
  4. We are looking for a turnkey package. Make your submission complete in every way.
  5. When we are authorized to proceed on a project, the Project Manager will issue all of the purchase orders and subcontracts on that project.
  6. At the end of each project, Davie Construction Co.’s Project Manager and Superintendent rate the subs and suppliers. This rating is used in preparing future invitations to quote.

Twice a year we send an online survey to our subcontractors for their feedback to ensure that they are pleased with our partnership. We encourage you to complete this survey when you receive it.