Lake Pine Animal Hospital

“I was referred to Davie Construction Co. and Frank Chapman by trusted bankers. I chose Frank over two other G.C.s because of his passion, vision, and tremendous experience building animal hospitals all over the U.S. We hit it off immediately with shared values and beliefs. He told me our relationship would be like a marriage. The process went so well that as far as I’m concerned, we’re still married!”

“From our first meeting, when he shared his enthusiasm for the site and set up formulas to show me what the project would cost and how we could afford it, I knew Frank was the right partner to guide me through my first construction project. This was my baby, and every little thing was a big deal! Frank was receptive and responsive. He always answered my texts immediately. I felt like my project was his only priority.

We hit a snag when the estimate from some subcontractors came in much higher than anticipated. Frank stepped in, worked after hours, and weekends, developing new projections. He talked me off the ledge, and together we found more affordable local subs. As with any project, the weather was an issue that produced constant setbacks, but Frank and his team would find ways to keep us on schedule.

We had a strong project manager on-site at all times, and he kept Frank up to date on every detail. If Frank saw something that wasn’t right, he would demand that the vendor redo it to his complete satisfaction. In one case, he involved Davie Construction Co. President and C.E.O. Carl Carney to ensure the rapid resolution of the issue.

I always knew that Frank and his team had my best interests in mind. Throughout the process, he was honest, straightforward, and upbeat. It was a real pleasure to work with Frank and everyone at Davie Construction Co. They were always true to their word. I would recommend that any doctor planning to build a veterinarian practice starts the process by hiring Davie Construction Co. as their G.C.!”

Jody Katz, D.V.M., Owner, Lake Pines Animal Hospital

Apex, NC