Ford, Simpson, Lively & Rice Pediatrics

"Davie Construction Co. was a hands-on and extremely experienced partner that guided us every step of the way in the creation of an environmentally-friendly pediatric practice that meets all the needs of our patients and staff, and represents an excellent investment for our physicians."

“They overcame every challenge with a successful solution – balancing the needs and schedules of ten busy physicians – to design an LEED compliant building that stayed within our initial budget. Their flexibility and commitment to our satisfaction resulted in the acceleration of their schedule midway through the project to help us avoid a financial penalty involving a lease at another property.\r\n\r\nDavie Construction Co.’s experience and guidance saved us time and resources at each step, and ensured that we didn’t make any costly mistakes along the way. From working with us to provide our lender key details to secure financing, to handling the unique requirements of LEED compliance, to collaborating with our interior designer to create a whimsical, child-engaging ambiance, the team at Davie Construction Co. proved to us every day that they were the best choice for this project.\r\n\r\nWe receive rave reviews on a daily basis from our patients and their parents, and consider the outcome and the process of creating this environmentally-friendly medical home to have been truly remarkable thanks to Davie Construction Co.”

Dr. Robert Ford

2933 Maplewood Avenue
Winston-Salem, NC 27103