First Baptist Church of Mocksville

"Not only was Davie Construction Co.’s bid on our project the lowest, (while still well above our budget), but their value engineering skills and focus on finding solutions saved us almost 10% of the project cost in our first meeting. And once they were on the job, I slept better at night knowing that the Davie Construction Co. folks were truly in partnership with us on the construction of our new church."

“Our project manager was exceptional, and we built a strong friendship from the start. The integrity, attention to detail and accessibility of everyone we dealt with at Davie Construction Co. was fantastic. For 18 months they worked with us to make sure that there was no interruption or inconvenience to congregants during funerals, weddings, worship services or other church business that couldn’t be stopped for construction. In the middle of the project we had a downpour that flooded a 57-year old three-story building on our campus. I believe it was divine intervention that placed our project manager there that day. He helped throughout the aftermath, even planning the demolition when it was identified as an unfit habitat by the building inspector.\r\n\r\nOur new church is as aesthetically beautiful as the premier assembly building in Mocksville. But even more important to our congregation, it provides us with flexibility that allows us to gather our flock in new ways. Our great room gives us the space to feed children while their parents worship and seniors engage in Bible Study. The ADA accommodations have literally changed the lives of those whose access to the church was previously limited. We are grateful to Davie Construction Co. for making our dream for our new church building come true in every way.”

Shane Nixon, Pastor

412 N. Main Street
Mocksville, NC 27028