Columbia Development

“Davie Construction Co. has been a trusted general contractor on multi-tenant and grocery- anchored retail properties for us across the Southeast for over 10 years. We continue to rely upon Carl and his team because their track record with us is exceptional.”

“Strict adherence to schedules is a priority for us, as our leases with our tenants are based on firm delivery dates. Davie Construction Co. gets that, and they are dedicated to staying on schedule while anticipating and solving challenges that can arise due to weather or other issues beyond our control.

We are always impressed with the high level of communication provided by the Davie Construction Co. team. They are responsible for keeping us, the owners, consistently apprised of the status of the project. They are also in constant contact with our tenants and their companies, which are most often national retail or hospitality tenants. Davie Construction Co.’s goal is to ensure that everyone is in the loop as the project progresses and that they meet the requirements of all involved. That can be a complicated juggling act, but Davie Construction Co. has a well-deserved reputation for successfully resolving any concerns to the benefit of all involved.

Each of our retail center projects is different and requires varying levels of construction done by the builder based on the specifications of the individual tenants. Davie Construction Co. has the flexibility and expertise to manage all the onsite activities in a way that inspires confidence and keeps the job moving forward and on schedule. The project managers and supervisors go above and beyond in overseeing onsite activities, and are completely accountable should we have any issues. Carl is always just a phone call away if we have any questions. You can’t get more hands-on than that.”

Coke Mann, Principal, Columbia Development