Belmont Animal Hospital

"I first heard of Davie Construction from a good friend. I chose them because I got multiple bids and was most comfortable with Frank. He was upfront and honest about costs, materials, and the timeline. I was excited to work with him from the very beginning."

“All construction has hiccups, and I was prepared for that going into the project. The weather was easily our biggest one. There’s not much you can do about that, but Davie helped me feel like there wasn’t a standstill throughout the process, and we were always moving forward.

Three words to describe my team at Davie are knowledgeable, supportive, and patient. I would refer them to others because they were great to work with, had great communication skills, and were attentive even after the building was finished. They were phenomenal, going above and beyond every expectation I had for them.”

Watch our interview with Dr. Cait Moreland of Belmont Animal Hospital.

Cait Moreland, DVM

Belmont, NC