Bedrock Veterinary Specialists

"We had hired a different contractor, but their timeline for completion wasn’t expeditious. Our realtor, architect, and several colleagues told us to contact Frank Chapman at Davie Construction Co. for a second opinion on the schedule."

“Frank was confident that he could complete the project, which involved a renovation of the first Nautilus gym in the US, into a veterinary surgical center within a shorter time frame. We were comfortable with his perspective and found him to be solution oriented. We decided to switch to Davie Construction Co. as our GC. We are glad we did and would recommend Frank and his team to others considering building or renovating an animal hospital.

COVID-19 shutdowns brought unforeseen delays and a three-month hiccup due to permit issuance, materials availability, and logistics issues. Frank and his team demonstrated the ability to take difficult situations and unforeseen complications toward a new solution.”

Matthew Ritter, DVM, Diplomate ACVS and Glen Bonin, DVM, Diplomate ACVS, Owners, Bedrock Veterinary Specialists

Cornelius, NC