Advanced Oral and Facial Surgery of the Triad

"Like many surgeons, I admit to being a Type A perfectionist with some difficulty giving control to others. The team at Davie Construction Co. did a great job of managing me and my (sometimes admittedly a bit nit-picky!) expectations for my beautiful new building!"

“I had three good reasons to choose Davie Construction Co. One of my colleagues worked with them on a building several years ago and was very happy with the outcome. As a Davie County company, I knew they were very familiar with the community, planning and zoning rules, and the building inspectors. I also had a friend who worked for Davie Construction Co. who had nice things to say about them.

I started the project working with Brad (Chapman) in Pre-construction. He was very easygoing and helpful and made the process simple and straightforward. My superintendent Johnathon Smith was exceptional. He came to the job site early and left late. Anytime there was an issue, he would quickly address and resolve it. If I called him during the day with questions, he would wait until I got there after work and showed me the progress, taking all the time I needed. He was a shining star!

As is often the case, our construction schedule was a little delayed due to bad weather – snow and rain. The Davie Construction Co. team worked on weekends to make up lost time which impressed me as I didn’t expect it. Aside from the uncontrollable elements, we were finished on time. We have had very few issues to deal with since we moved in, and the team was very quick to get back in and fix them. I know they are now working on other jobs, but they are extremely responsive.

I would strongly recommend Davie Construction Co. They are trustworthy and honest. Their bid was reasonable and competitive. There’s always the opportunity with projects of this size for the cost to skyrocket, but not with Davie Construction Co. That sense of integrity starts at the top.

Carl (Carney) is larger than life! He has a great personality, and is enthusiastic, friendly, outgoing, and clearly knowledgeable about his profession. It’s clear that his workers look up to him as a coach of a big and complex team. During construction, when he would see my car at the site he’d stop by and say hello. In fact, everyone at Davie Construction Co., from the construction crew to the people in the office, made me feel like family. Although they are a big construction firm, there is a personal touch in helping you accomplish your building goals.”

Teresa G. Biggerstaff, DDS, MD, Owner

Advance, NC