Outgrowing Your Practice?! Call a Specialist!

By Frank Chapman
Executive Vice President of Medical Construction
Davie Construction Co.

The good news is your patient base is expanding. The even better news is that it is time to make a move. While that might seem like an overwhelming project that you hardly have time to contemplate, let alone manage, relax! There are construction specialists who completely focus their expertise on helping physicians and dentists design, build, and maintain the most technologically advanced offices to meet their current needs with the flexibility to adapt to new requirements.

As the Executive Vice President of Medical Construction at Davie Construction Co., my mission is to partner with our medical/dental clients and guide them in building or renovating their new offices. I manage every detail that goes into the project to make sure the reality of the outcome exceeds their expectations. Our goal for our clients’ satisfaction is the same as theirs for their patients. We want them to be extremely pleased with the quality of our work and service so that they return to us in the future, and refer their family and friends.

Many of our clients have already outgrown their office or surgical suite space when they initiate their plan to move. That means timing is extremely critical, which is a great reason to bring in a specialist. The project won’t be held up because the practice owners don’t have time to focus their full attention on the construction process.

I have completed many medical and dental projects in my career, and have developed a proven process for step-by-step planning. It starts by asking several questions.

1. Do you want leased space in a building or a stand-alone facility?
To correctly answer, clients must consider variables like space availability, cost, location, future growth, and long-term practice goals.

2. Will a leased space provide the optimal environment for a successful practice?
Is it configured to accommodate both the mechanical systems and the advanced technological requirements of your practice, or will there be added costs to make it work properly?

3. If you start from scratch with a stand-alone building, how would you design it to meet your current and future needs?
One widely held misperception is that it is always less expensive to move your practice into a leased space than a stand-alone new building. An honest look at the limitations of leased space and the costs to make it work vs. the budget needed for a practice that meets every need and has the potential for planned expansion can be quite eye-opening.

4. How valuable is your time?
Your time as a medical and dental professional is best spent caring for your patients and running your practice. It’s unusual to find a physician or dentist with training in architecture, design, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, equipment sourcing, construction, and project management. That’s our job. By hiring a specialist to manage your project from design to occupancy you’re ensuring the highest level of expertise from professionals with a proven track record for staying on schedule and on budget.

5. How often do you want to be onsite during the project?
No matter how well planned, a medical/dental building project requires onsite, hands-on, total focus management. It’s not a “call it in” situation. I encourage my clients to plan for weekly status reports, either in person or by phone, to make sure they are up-to-date on the progress of their new building. I’m available by phone 24/7 to answer questions, update on weather issues or discuss the thousands of details we’re managing.

Even if you aren’t thinking about moving your practice in the next year, it’s not too early to start planning and assessing your options. Call me at (336) 940-6600, X 1021, and we’ll start the ball rolling.