25th Anniversary Celebration

Building Lasting Relationships for a Quarter of a Century

This new year, 2018, marks a very special milestone for Davie Construction Co. as we celebrate our 25th anniversary with joy, gratitude, and pride, taking a moment to review our accomplishments and envision our future. When I was given the opportunity as a young man of 26 to run a construction company, I had no inkling of the future ahead. I was too busy focusing on the challenges of our very first project of a major renovation to a fully occupied skilled nursing facility. The logistics were critical as we were working around bedridden people who were dealing with serious medical issues and were very sensitive to any disruptions relating to the ongoing construction. Our objective was to comport ourselves as compassionate and polite guests in someone else’s home. From that job forward, this attitude set the standard for how we approach every project, no matter what type of building it involves. As we branched out from that first focus on senior health care facilities to dorms, banks, churches, restaurants, retail, industrial, and all the other businesses represented in our portfolio, we kept that privileged guest perspective and demanded it from our growing base of employees, subcontractors, and suppliers.

Companies that thrive as a result of their relentless focus on customer satisfaction share similar values, and for us, that has meant creating and nurturing a culture where the Golden Rule guides our business decisions. Of course, we believe in contracts and legal agreements, but even if we are not contractually bound to take responsibility in a certain situation, we will always seek a solution that will enhance our relationship with our customer. That policy has resulted in a history where so many of our projects are awarded by owners who were happy with our work on previous buildings and trust us to partner with them as they expand their own businesses, adding new facilities and moving into new communities.

Family focus is a key component of the Davie Construction Co. success story which emphasizes TEAM, FAMILY, DAVIE! The fact that so many of our employees have been with us for many years, and that we have generations of families working for us (and as many as five members of one family on a rush job this summer!) is a great source of happiness for me. We are committed to creating opportunities for our employees to grow within their roles at Davie Construction Co. and encourage their family members to consider careers with us. Creating a legacy for our children is a goal shared by all of us, and over the past 25 years, we have strived to set an example through our commitment to customer service, family focus, and community support. We have always believed it is our duty to give back to the communities we serve, and as part of our 25th anniversary, we have planned several service projects to support and bring attention to worthy causes. We will be sharing more information about these projects in the months ahead.

As we finish this first week of our anniversary year, we find ourselves completing a perfect circle from our first skilled nursing facility project. We have been reaching out to the owners of the senior care facilities we have built or renovated to ensure that their residents are warm and their buildings are operating properly in these extremely cold weather conditions. The comfort and safety of those who live and work in our buildings is a priority for us during and forever after a job is finished.

Happy New Year!